"Serving Society is always a responsibility, never an opportunity"

Saudi Oger is a global organisation that believes in the higher expectations of the Corporate Social Responsibility. At Saudi Oger, there is an intrinsic understanding of the power that comes with the partnership of the business community, public sector, academic sector and the general public. Saudi Oger takes into account the economic, social and environmental impacts, and acting to address the key sustainable challenges based on the core competences wherever we operate locally, regionally and internationally.

Corporate social responsibility at Saudi Oger goes far beyond the philanthropy - donating money to good causes and is instead an all year round responsibility that accept the environment around us, the best working practices, and the engagement with the local communities. The recognition of our brand name depends not only on the quality, and uniqueness but on how, cumulatively, interact with the community and environment around us.

Saudi Oger is part of the Hariri Group, a group that is well known for its financial resources and charitable organisations in the Middle East and abroad, Saudi Oger, is committed to searching venues available to further our involvement in the Social activities in Saudi Arabia. The late PM Mr. Rafic Hariri was also known for his continuous work over two decades which led the UN to award him for his economic, humanitarian and education accomplishments in September 2004.

Saudi Oger's commitment to the global citizen is what propelled it to contribute US$7million in the 'Telethon Fund' that was organised by the Saudi Arabian Television to assist in easing the suffering that befell victims of the Asian Tsunami in December 2004, a disaster that affected and touched many families across Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and the Maldives.