Quality Management

"The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action"

Quality Control

Responsible for ensuring that all necessary measures are taken before and during the product creation process in order to deliver it on time and defect free, according to the specified requirements.  The Department is tasked to:

  • Establish communication channels with Subcontractors
  • Develop and implement a Quality Control Plan for concerned Organizational Entities, identifying inspection methodologies and schedules for each trade, based on contractual requirements and/or International Standards
  • Allocate the needed resources to implement the QC Plans
  • Monitor, inspect and approve SOL and Subcontractor works
  • Ensure that QC Personnel are proactive in identifying potential deficiencies and recommending solutions
  • Analyse Operational trends, identify deficiencies, carry out root cause analyses and recommend corrective actions to avoid their recurrence
  • Identify standardization opportunities and establish a program of continual improvement, with innovation as a key element, and infuse this culture within the company
  • Measure and recommend ways to increase productivity, along with Project Control Division
  • Develop periodic reports on QC performance to Corporate Management and concerned Division Management

The QCDT Construction Project staff report to the Construction Project Management operationally and have a functional reporting line to the QCDT Department Director.
The success of the QC Plans (development and implementation) relies strongly on the efficient coordination with the QCDT Regional Senior Engineer and Technical Managers in Head Office.

Management System & Audit 

MSAD is responsible for establishing the Saudi Oger Management System, in compliance with International Standards and for carrying out scheduled system audits to ensure efficient implementation and adherence of the Management System to specified Standards.  The Department is tasked to:

  • Establish an Integrated Management System (Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality), compliant with specified International Standards, as defined by Corporate Management
  • Update the Organization Charts
  • Prepare for and oversee the Management Review Meetings
  • Report on the effectiveness of processes
  • Ensure company-wide awareness to Management System
  • Develop and instil a company-wide culture of prevention rather than detection
  • Schedule and carry out system audits
  • Plan and conduct Management System training (Management System Awareness, Root Cause Analysis, etc…)
  • Ensure and follow up the Management System certifications
  • Report periodically on the Management System performance to Corporate Management and concerned Division Management

To ensure efficient implementation of the Integrated Management System throughout the various Organizational entities, IMS Representatives are appointed, in coordination with the entity Head, in addition to their operational duties.

Enterprise Risk & Performance Management 

ERPM is responsible for identifying, controlling and managing all activities related to Enterprise Risks and Performance Management within the Organization.  The Department is tasked to:

  • Develop and instill a company wide culture of Risk, Business Continuity and Performance Management through training, seminars, etc…
  • Develop Risk Management plans and facilitate Risk assessment sessions to identify, monitor and control Risks at Divisional and Project levels (pre & post-award project phases)
  • Develop analytical processes, based on objectives/targets, to measure and improve performance, through KPIs, Balanced Score Cards, etc…
  • Identify potential threats, including impacts, to the Organization and manage Risks at Corporate level
  • Implement performance monitoring programs to control processes and ensure attainment of strategic/operational Objectives
  • Adopt an integrated approach for Risk Management, Business Continuity Management and Performance Management
  • Assist in defining requirements for statistical and analytical reports, based on operational needs
  • Develop executive reports for Corporate Management and Division Management

To ensure efficient implementation of Enterprise Risk & Performance Management, throughout the various Organizational entities, ERPM Representatives are appointed, in coordination with the entity Head, in addition to their operational duties.