Saudi Oger Training Institute

"Serving Society is always a responsibility, never an opportunity"

Saudi Oger Training Institute established at a cost of more than 50 million Dollars that caters to train young Saudi males & females and prepare them for employment in various sectors by providing them the education and the on hands training in four sectors Hospitality; Technical; Construction & Continuous training.


In order to enable the young Saudis to get professional training, Saudi Oger established a training institute in 2007 which accommodates up to 1200 students at a time excluding of continues learning school students.It empowers capable and responsible students in the pursuit of academic excellence. It also has agreements with variety of well known and reputed educational firms such as, Rafic Hariri University (RHU) for the Technical School, Capilano University of Canada for the Hospitality School, and A.F.P.A. Association Nationale Pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes for all Orientation programmes/Induction Programmes. SOTI diploma students can continue their university study in any of the above mentioned firms according to the agreements concluded with them.

In addition, the A.F.P.A is developing a special program which allows the student's capability to appear before joining the field he wants. This program may extend to 3 weeks and will show desires and capability of the student in all specializations then put him in the most suitable place with the best working environment. It's worth mentioning that all provided skills are obtained from the Technical & Vocational General Organization or has been approved by the foundation.

Female Section

The Female section aims to provide training courses for females by a vision is based on the latest methods of techniques and training by means of providing scientific practical environment, to meet the needs of the female cadres in both government and private sector and to provide new and required disciplines for the Labor Market.